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DAC-V1 - What heaphones are suitable for use with the DAC-V1?

The DAC-V1 class-A headphone amplifier is designed to drive all popular headphones with impedances typically ranging from 16 to 600 ohms. The headphone amplifier, having a higher than normal supply voltage and being of a discrete transistor design, can drive more headphones to a higher quality than those using IC chip-based amplifiers running from 5V power supplies.


As with all headphone amplifiers there are some headphones that the DAC-V1 will not drive. Such as those requiring ultra-high power specific headphone amplifiers. Typically these would be electrostatic and some planer headphones. Some planar headphones require the equivalent to 50W amplifiers to achieve their required voltage swing. Some electrostatic headphones require an even higher voltage swing and can only be driven by their specific amplifiers.